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Eva LaRue Shows Support

Wearing red Be Fierce #BeYOU Racer-back Tee

Eva LaRue showed iDefyneMe love and support at a recent pre-Emmy party. She loved the product and brand so much that she immediately put on the top and graciously posed for photos. Thank you Eva!! We wish you continued success!

Inspire as You Gather

New Dinnerware Launch Soon

Inspire As You Gather

iDefyneMe will launch our beautifully unique design of Dinnerware in Fall 2014 so you can entertain family, friends and colleagues like never before. Keep your eyes and ears open for special promotional offers.

iDefyneMe Product Donation

iDefyneMe in the Community

Keeping the Brand Promise

iDefyneMe has committed to support youth programs across the country. We recently pledged to make a significant product donation to Wednesday's Child. Their goal is to find permanent families for children in foster care and we support their efforts. Confidence grows in caring homes. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to the great work you're doing Wednesday's Child! To learn more, click here http://www.myfoxla.com/story/26437259/marqual-styles-it-up-for-a-hopeful....

iDefyneMe in the Community

Keeping the Brand Promise

iDefyneMe Founder in the LA Community. Personally volunteered to teach Professional Etiquette during LA Family Housing's "Empowering Youth" Program. We don't just sell. We teach. We coach. We touch lives. Words are powerful! Action is too!

Throw Pillows


Coming Fall 2015

iDefyneMe will also launch our new and unique line of Housewares in the Fall of 2015 so you can integrate affirmation and inspiration into your daily life in a variety of creative, fun, overt and/or subtle ways. Stay tuned for more information.

Blog Talk Radio

Interview with iDefyneMe's Founder

Are you listing to the voice within and following your bliss? If not, what's holding you back? Listen in on the recent interview Ashaki Rucker, iDefyneMe Founder, did with Blog Talk Radio Host Jose Albino on how she found the courage to follow her dreams.